Our Story

The condensed version…one good friend believes in the dream of another good friend.  With

courage, hard work and finance found within, we proudly opened the doors at 33 Trinity Street

in December 2014 after expanding from our original special little first home just around the

corner.  The journey has had its highs and lows.  Our children have watched and played as we

have laughed, cried, worked, learnt and grown over the last 3 years.  The two friends decided to

keep reinvesting the profits to gradually create what we have today (rather than keep any

pennies for ourselves to buy lots of new shoes!). The aim is to build a place with happy parents

and children and there is still much to do.  The two friends and their trusty team are working

together to refine and improve this amazing place which we truly love, so that one day we can

conquer the world! And, of course, so that our lovely customers continue to love stopping by!


What about the future?

Our big projects over the next 12 months are to prepare and create our outdoor space ready for

summer 2016 and to increase the seating with extra tables and play in our first floor space.  We

will also be continuing with the development of our menu trying out new dishes and listening to your


Thank yous

We have huge support from our husbands and children who are nearly always patient depending

on the availability of brownies – there have to be some perks!  Thank you.  Many family and

friends have lent a hand, from creating some of the furniture to looking after tired children while

we paint into the small hours. Thank you.  We only employ amazing people and have the best

staff in the world. Thank you for always going the extra mile.  A very big thank you to our

wonderful customers for providing happy memories, helpful feedback and loyal support over the

years.  And last but not least, thank you M for always being there and for sharing in this fantastic


What an adventure!  xxx